Sunday, July 11


I don't ever buy watches. I've had a single pendant watch on my purse for 9 years. A year or two ago it broke and I was given a wonderful gift replacement from one of my best friends. But this one is already starting to show it's age, parts are loose and, sadly, I don't expect it to last another year.

So I've been keeping my eyes out on etsy for a nice new watch that I'll be able to have for ages. I think I've finally found where I'm going to buy it. It's Marrianne's Handcrafted Watch Studio at

They're pricey, but appropriately as their watches are high quality using Seiko quartz movement inside. But the thing about them isn't just that their good watches, but the creativity that's going into these watches. And they not only allow, but encourage customization, you can pick through a hefty amount of colors for the watch band, and add stitching if you like. They'll do their best to make your watch yours and yours alone.

Did I mention they have pendant watches? And that I love pendant watches? Because they do, and I do. I definately plan on buying a watch from here someday soon. And when I do, you'll know.


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