Tuesday, July 6

Beginning again + Packaging.

Shortly after beginning this blog many things happened. And unfortunately I wasn't able to get it started as I wanted to.

To those who helped and entered the contest, thank you so much. Everyone who one has already been notified and should have received their bookmarks long ago. Reguardless, it's onto the actual blog entry!

Lately I've been taking pictures when I like something's packaging design. This is a field I would like strongly to get into, so I wanted to share the things I like with you :) I recently recieved a wonderful new point and shoot camera that I've made a point of to always have on hand. So now I try to take pictures of everything I like.

I think good packaging design is very important. If your packaging can make people feel happy before they even purchase your product, then that is amazing. The packaging is half of the product, and it say's as much about you as it does what it contains.

It will tell the customer that you love what you're selling, and that you're proud of it. If it's clear from the packaging that a seller puts out a million different things, and doesn't care much for any of them, the buyer will see that. And like I said, if you can make your costumers happy before they even buy your product, then that may be what makes you stand out from people selling the same or similar things. If your item's on the shelf that usually is the deciding factor. Sure, we like to think we don't judge a book by it's cover, but in most item cases, we do.


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