Monday, September 13

Hello Doily

There is something so charming about doilies. Maybe it's the way that they bring you back to watching TV at your grandma's house, on her TV that could only tune in to Wheel of Fortune and the news, while eating some cookies (please note that my grandma never made cookies).

The doilies would gather dust on the side table, always being dirty from the daily coffee mug, but always there. They were reliable and simple.

Now that I've grown older, my art classes have brought me to appriciate the design. The round symmetrical lace, almost snowflake like in quality. They utilize the calming effect of the mandala. They're modest and try not to call too much attention to themselves, instead sometimes just framing something put front and center.

I've been amazed at how out of the box this design has become. It's a universally friendly design that makes everything a little more beautiful.

This last one's not an etsy link, but it's one of my favorite uses of a doily theme. This designer always thinks up wonderful things. If you get a chance, look around her page. The soft wooden chairs are my favorite.