Sunday, August 8

Once again, with flair!

Look at that, I'm updating before a whole month passed by! Hopefully I can make updating an even more common occurrence. Especially since another school semester has come and gone.

Today I'd like to give you some art of mine that never got a chance to see the light of day. They're mostly unfinished, but since I don't plan on completing them they'll have to do with just being posted here.

First off, fan art for disney's the princess and the frog! Fairly old, and I was never quite happy with it, so I got bored and moved on.

Next a picture of me, done quickly after a "If you see this image, you must draw yourself wearing whatever you're currently wearing" sort of promt. I decided to go along with it, but it was during a busy school section so I never got around to finishing it, much less posting it.

This one was for a group I'm part of on deviantart. There was a "race" event where everyone drew their character's running, I started but didn't have enough time to really work on it before the event ended. I still was really happy with how the lineart was coming along though.

And that's it for now! Back to finishing up my finals!


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