Monday, September 13

Hello Doily

There is something so charming about doilies. Maybe it's the way that they bring you back to watching TV at your grandma's house, on her TV that could only tune in to Wheel of Fortune and the news, while eating some cookies (please note that my grandma never made cookies).

The doilies would gather dust on the side table, always being dirty from the daily coffee mug, but always there. They were reliable and simple.

Now that I've grown older, my art classes have brought me to appriciate the design. The round symmetrical lace, almost snowflake like in quality. They utilize the calming effect of the mandala. They're modest and try not to call too much attention to themselves, instead sometimes just framing something put front and center.

I've been amazed at how out of the box this design has become. It's a universally friendly design that makes everything a little more beautiful.

This last one's not an etsy link, but it's one of my favorite uses of a doily theme. This designer always thinks up wonderful things. If you get a chance, look around her page. The soft wooden chairs are my favorite.

Monday, August 16

New necklaces!

Hooray! It still may be a bit before these make it up to my etsy, as there are a lot of things I'm working on (exciting things! Like cleaning my house, and ridding it of the couple inches of "It's Final's Time" trash.) I'll also be rearranging my furnature, Which is also super exiting for me!

Anyways, I spent saturday buckling down and desinging and assembling a boat load of neclaces, and I'm still not done. This could have been faster if I didn't insist on buying bulk chain and lobster clasps and assembling each necklace chain by hand, but hey, it was cheaper for me so it means things will be cheaper for the world of etsy. And that's good for all parties involved.

There is one design that's not up here, that one'll be a surprise. Also, I'm still have a couple ideas rummaging around my head that may or may not come to fruition.

The top three are all made with gunmetal chain, which has to be my absolute favorite metal ever. It's so smooth! And beautiful!

It's a bummer that the chain I used for the leaf necklaces was discontinued. The scissors and key necklaces use a much thinner chain. So as a note, after my first batch of leaf necklaces are sold, they too will be made with the thinner chain.

The leaf one has got to be one of my favorites, I used some of the tiny scrap pieces of chain to make myself one as a small bracelet.

Tuesday, August 10

Big News!

Hi everybody! I've got some great news! In about a week my key chains will be available for purchase by any average Joe off the street over at D Structure in San Francisco at 520 Haight St!

This is super exciting for me! What does this mean for you? Well, because this store prefers clothing supplies they've asked me to do more necklace work. I've got EIGHT new necklace designs planned out that I'll be working on to get them in the shop next week. I'm not sure yet which ones will make it to the store and which ones won't, but I'll be sure to keep you posted!

Also, now that I've got time outside of school I'll be working on getting many more things up on my etsy. I've got some designs that those of you who stopped by my booth at Fanime will have already seen, especially quite a few fan art key chains that will only be available online.

Be excited!

Sunday, August 8

Once again, with flair!

Look at that, I'm updating before a whole month passed by! Hopefully I can make updating an even more common occurrence. Especially since another school semester has come and gone.

Today I'd like to give you some art of mine that never got a chance to see the light of day. They're mostly unfinished, but since I don't plan on completing them they'll have to do with just being posted here.

First off, fan art for disney's the princess and the frog! Fairly old, and I was never quite happy with it, so I got bored and moved on.

Next a picture of me, done quickly after a "If you see this image, you must draw yourself wearing whatever you're currently wearing" sort of promt. I decided to go along with it, but it was during a busy school section so I never got around to finishing it, much less posting it.

This one was for a group I'm part of on deviantart. There was a "race" event where everyone drew their character's running, I started but didn't have enough time to really work on it before the event ended. I still was really happy with how the lineart was coming along though.

And that's it for now! Back to finishing up my finals!

Sunday, July 11


I don't ever buy watches. I've had a single pendant watch on my purse for 9 years. A year or two ago it broke and I was given a wonderful gift replacement from one of my best friends. But this one is already starting to show it's age, parts are loose and, sadly, I don't expect it to last another year.

So I've been keeping my eyes out on etsy for a nice new watch that I'll be able to have for ages. I think I've finally found where I'm going to buy it. It's Marrianne's Handcrafted Watch Studio at

They're pricey, but appropriately as their watches are high quality using Seiko quartz movement inside. But the thing about them isn't just that their good watches, but the creativity that's going into these watches. And they not only allow, but encourage customization, you can pick through a hefty amount of colors for the watch band, and add stitching if you like. They'll do their best to make your watch yours and yours alone.

Did I mention they have pendant watches? And that I love pendant watches? Because they do, and I do. I definately plan on buying a watch from here someday soon. And when I do, you'll know.

Tuesday, July 6

Beginning again + Packaging.

Shortly after beginning this blog many things happened. And unfortunately I wasn't able to get it started as I wanted to.

To those who helped and entered the contest, thank you so much. Everyone who one has already been notified and should have received their bookmarks long ago. Reguardless, it's onto the actual blog entry!

Lately I've been taking pictures when I like something's packaging design. This is a field I would like strongly to get into, so I wanted to share the things I like with you :) I recently recieved a wonderful new point and shoot camera that I've made a point of to always have on hand. So now I try to take pictures of everything I like.

I think good packaging design is very important. If your packaging can make people feel happy before they even purchase your product, then that is amazing. The packaging is half of the product, and it say's as much about you as it does what it contains.

It will tell the customer that you love what you're selling, and that you're proud of it. If it's clear from the packaging that a seller puts out a million different things, and doesn't care much for any of them, the buyer will see that. And like I said, if you can make your costumers happy before they even buy your product, then that may be what makes you stand out from people selling the same or similar things. If your item's on the shelf that usually is the deciding factor. Sure, we like to think we don't judge a book by it's cover, but in most item cases, we do.

Friday, April 23

Kicking off the blog with a givaway!


To welcome everyone to the "Grand Re-Opening" of my "New" "Blog" I've decided to kick it off with a giveaway to hopefully help spread word of my blog and my etsy shop!


Three, count em THREE people will get a free bookmark! Any bookmark up for sell at my etsy is up for grabs! When the contest is over I'll contact the three winners. It should be noted that even if you had multiple entries, you'll still only able to win one.

To enter is easy, just help me get my name around! Tweet this, blog this, whatever, let me know and I'll mark it down as a raffle ticket in your name. And at the end I'll use a random number generator to pick the winner! Each way you spread the word gets you another entry!

How to enter!

> Post an entry on your blog with a link over to this blog entry and explaining the contest!
> Tweet about this! Just give out a link to this, explaining about the givaway! Following my twitter to get blog updates gives you a second entry (Just tell me if you're already following, that still counts!)
> Deviantart counts as a blog too! Just use a journal entry to let everyone know about the contest! Posting a picture about the contest gives you two entries! And watching me gives you another one! (If you're already watching, just let me know!)

When you're done, give me a link to all your entries and you'll be entered! Make sure your comment has some way for me to contact you, preferably e-mail.

Good luck everyone! And thanks in advance!

The Blog Canary Sings

Welcome to my new blog!

Previous readers of my previous blog (ignored by my readers and myself like some artsy street vendor) will notice a lot of changes around here, the most of which being the brand spanking new layout. Also previous posts have been deleted (though still on my computer cause I'm sentimentally attached to everything I do.)

I've big plans for this blog! There will be certain things posted weekly, for example you should see many works in progress shots and sketches every Friday. I don't have any clever name for this like "Fun Friday!" or "Art Friday" or "FridArt" to help you remember, though I am rather fond of "fried art" myself.

Every Sunday I will post a new "Treasury" of sorts for things I find around Etsy. This is in hopes to spread around a little more names. After all, I like their work, and even if I can't afford it I'd like to support them. This section is free for suggestions!

If I can, I'd also like to just post fun things I run into around the web on Monday, as sort of a "one good thing about Monday" sort of setup.

I'll try to stick to these three, though the first two more than the Monday one, considering I don't always find fun entertaining internet things every week. And I'm not limited to these either.

So I hope you come with me along this magical journey of magic!*

*may or may not contain magic.