Friday, April 23

The Blog Canary Sings

Welcome to my new blog!

Previous readers of my previous blog (ignored by my readers and myself like some artsy street vendor) will notice a lot of changes around here, the most of which being the brand spanking new layout. Also previous posts have been deleted (though still on my computer cause I'm sentimentally attached to everything I do.)

I've big plans for this blog! There will be certain things posted weekly, for example you should see many works in progress shots and sketches every Friday. I don't have any clever name for this like "Fun Friday!" or "Art Friday" or "FridArt" to help you remember, though I am rather fond of "fried art" myself.

Every Sunday I will post a new "Treasury" of sorts for things I find around Etsy. This is in hopes to spread around a little more names. After all, I like their work, and even if I can't afford it I'd like to support them. This section is free for suggestions!

If I can, I'd also like to just post fun things I run into around the web on Monday, as sort of a "one good thing about Monday" sort of setup.

I'll try to stick to these three, though the first two more than the Monday one, considering I don't always find fun entertaining internet things every week. And I'm not limited to these either.

So I hope you come with me along this magical journey of magic!*

*may or may not contain magic.


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