Monday, August 16

New necklaces!

Hooray! It still may be a bit before these make it up to my etsy, as there are a lot of things I'm working on (exciting things! Like cleaning my house, and ridding it of the couple inches of "It's Final's Time" trash.) I'll also be rearranging my furnature, Which is also super exiting for me!

Anyways, I spent saturday buckling down and desinging and assembling a boat load of neclaces, and I'm still not done. This could have been faster if I didn't insist on buying bulk chain and lobster clasps and assembling each necklace chain by hand, but hey, it was cheaper for me so it means things will be cheaper for the world of etsy. And that's good for all parties involved.

There is one design that's not up here, that one'll be a surprise. Also, I'm still have a couple ideas rummaging around my head that may or may not come to fruition.

The top three are all made with gunmetal chain, which has to be my absolute favorite metal ever. It's so smooth! And beautiful!

It's a bummer that the chain I used for the leaf necklaces was discontinued. The scissors and key necklaces use a much thinner chain. So as a note, after my first batch of leaf necklaces are sold, they too will be made with the thinner chain.

The leaf one has got to be one of my favorites, I used some of the tiny scrap pieces of chain to make myself one as a small bracelet.


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